The history of faculty of Civil Engineering coincides with that of the Yıldız Technical University.  Yıldız Technical University with its current name, mission and vision started education under the name of “Kondüktör Mekteb-i Âlisi” (Conductors School of Higher Education) in 1911. The establishment continued its activities as "Nafia Fen Mektebi" after 1923 with Republic of Turkey, and its name was changed to Istanbul Technical School in 1937, to Istanbul State Academy of Engineering and Architecture in 1969. It was reorganized as YILDIZ UNIVERSITY in 1982 and finally named as YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY in 1992 to successfully accommodate itself to contemporary developments. In last institutional reorganization; the faculty has reached its current status as “Civil Engineering Faculty” by encompassing Civil Engineering Department which is one of the classical engineering disciplines, Geomatic Engineering Department which is an individually recognized engineering discipline since the beginning of last century and it  has been successfully continued its education since 1949 , and Environmental Engineering Department which was developed as an engineering discipline in the last quarter of the century and gained importance as the extend of the  environmental problems are increasing.