Deans Message,

Our faculty houses Civil Engineering, Geomatic Engineering, and Environmental Engineering departments, which are among the main engineering disciplines. The history of our Civil Engineering Department coincides with that of YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (YTU) and it is the second oldest civil engineering department in Turkey. Our Geomatic Engineering Department founded in 1949 carries the honor of being the first department in geomatic engineering field founded in Turkey. Our Environmental Engineering Department was established in 1989 to educate engineers who find solutions to the increasing environmental problems emerged in last century using their engineering judgments. During reorganization of our university YTÜ in 1992, our three departments which are among the top engineering departments of Turkey in their corresponding disciplines have been situated under the umbrella of Civil Engineering Faculty , and continued educational and research activities successfully. Education programs in the departments of our faculty are designed to educate students with life long learning conscious as well as competitive in international level. Students joined the family of Yıldız Technical University spent a year in English Preparatory School to be able to follow compulsory-thirty percent of the engineering courses in English medium. Our distinguished academic members transfer their engineering knowledge and experience to the students which are gathered from many national and international research project and other projects that they participated in the frame work of collaboration between university and industry. Our students obtain internationally recognized bachelor degree in engineering at the end of successful education period. In this extend, education programs in the departments of our faculty has been accredited by MUDEK which is authorized by the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education to issue EUR-ACE Bachelor Label. Dear students, on behalf of our entire respected academic members and myself wish you success during the educational period that you spent under the umbrella of our faculty.

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